Handmade Sitting Room

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Quick Overview

One of Lombardi’s 2018 Collections!
You may place an order here and receive it within 20 business day or less. You also can visit our factory annexed showroom to benefit from the free fabric & farm’s colors selection.

Our Design Studio members are always willing to assist you for better interiors coordination and harmony. We do care about it.



Consists of
3-Seater Sofa + 2-Seater Sofa + 2  Armchair + 1 Middle Table


Wood: Red Beech – Color: Brown with light gray
Fabric: Velvet – Color: Light Blue, Gray
3-seater: Width: 230 cm – Depth: 80 cm – Height: 100 cm
2-Seater Sofa Width: 180 cm – Depth: 80 cm – Height: 100 cm
Armchair: Width: 80 cm – Depth: 65 cm – Height: 98
Table: Width: 90 cm – Depth: 90 cm – Height: 45 cm


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