Lombardi’s production cycle has been precisely set to cover the needs of bulk orders and in various forms. This is to ensure the flow of living furniture supply for specific commercial practise as follows:


1- Minimum stock level & procurement for furniture shops and online retail networks.

2- Scheduled supply according to delivery date.


Supply includes several commercial segments:


1- Furniture retail stores.

2- Interior design projects.

3- Total finishing solutions providers.


How it works!


The sales cycle with Lombardi Factory basically come from:

1- Lombardi’s annual catalogue with (15:30) business day’s delivery.

2. Production based –design& SPECs. specially developed for specific interior requirements.


Wholesale & Distribution:


Exclusive & open distribution partnership in specific market and associated with a minimum quota are applied with terms & conditions.


With our international delivery program, both partial delivery (LCL) and container shipment were serviced to fulfill the different types of needs of individuals, interior projects and furniture stores.


Lombardi offers a paid sample system:


Samples are properly selected from Lombardi’s annual catalogue, and this was intended for customers who wish to test a specific design in their respective markets.

For more information, please contact the commercial department via whatsapp +201090709595 or via email: sales@lombardi-eg.com!